David S. Oderberg B.A., L.L.B. (Melbourne), D.Phil. (Oxford), 
     Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy UK
Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, 
University of Reading,
Reading, RG6 6AA, U.K.
phone +44-(0)118-378 5277; email

My chief interest is metaphysics, but I also have a major interest in moral philosophy and have published in a number of areas including philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophical logic, among others. I have written books on metaphysics and ethics, and am currently working on a book on the metaphysics of good and evil.                                                          
What's new:

Further Clarity on Cooperation and Morality (Journal of Medical Ethics feature article with peer commentary, 2016); see also guest blog post at BMJ Blogs.

View my June 2016 talk 'The Great Unifier' here.